Icon Liqueurs

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Icon Liqueurs Range Now Available in Glass Bottles!

Make 1 litre of your favourite liqueurs – simply add to a 1-litre bottle, add water and top up with neutral alcohol or vodka as per the instructions to make a delicious liqueur. Or use as an ingredient to add to create tasty cocktails




Still Spirit’s Icon Liqueurs is a liqueur style flavouring range that makes creating liqueurs easier than ever before! The convenient pouch or bottle packaging makes pouring and mixing take just a few moments before they are ready to serve!


Ingredients: 2-Parts Icon Liqueurs Melon Flavouring, – 1-Part Fresh Lime Juice, – Ice, – Lime wedge (garnish)

Directions:   Pour all ingredients into a shaker (no ice) and shake.  –  Add ice and shake well. – Strain into your preferred pre-chilled drinking vessel and garnish with a lime wedge.




Ingredients:  2-Parts Icon Liqueurs Chocolate Rum Flavouring, – 3-Parts Top Shelf Vodka Flavouring , – 1-Part Top Shelf Triple Sec Flavouring, – Ice, – Orange Rind (garnish)

Directions:   Pour all ingredients (previously mixed with your neutral distilled spirits) into a shaker with ice, – Shake, then strain into you preferred pre-chilled drinking vessel and garnish with orange rind.


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