Ultra Pro Vodka Still

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The drawing pictured is of our Ultra Pro Vodka Still 400L working volume boiler. This still will produce great Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, Gin, Vodka, and everything in between. This Still comes with one Copper Scotch Column (Pot-Column) on the Boiler.

The 8” Whiskey Column has 4 x 304 T sections with viewing glass and copper bubble plates. The 8” Vodka/Gin Column has 8 bubble plates,  The Dephlegmators at the top of the Whiskey and Vodka Column are used to control reflux for proof.

The 4 plate Whiskey Column will produce up to 160 proof in one run. If you want to do a stripping run, you bypass all other columns with the bypass valves, or if you are doing vodka, you simply run the vapour through all three columns.

The Gin Basket can be used with a vodka run, or high ABV can be returned to the boiler (ABV reduced to 35-40% with clean spring water or filtered) to run your botanicals, this can also be with Hydro-distillation by placing the plant material directly in the boiler, in combination with the gin basket,  bypass the bubble plates. (with the same botanical you will get a different flavour profile with Hydro-distillation or direct to the basket)

The 400 Litre Still can be heated with up to 4 x 6kw 30A elements or 4 x 9kw 3Phase elements,  a gas burner for even faster heat-up, and distillation can be controlled with a variable AMP controller or 30A PID



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8-inch Ultra Pro Vodka Still

All inclusive:

  1.  1 x 400L working volume Stainless Steel/Copper Pot Still
  2.  1 x 304 Whiskey stack 8″ x 4 copper bubble plates
  3.  1 x 304 Vodka stack 8″ x 8 copper bubble plates
  4.  1 x 304 8″ Gin Basket
 1 x 304 6″ Condenser with Parrot
  6.  50% deposit with order required, balance before delivery. 6 week production lead time, then  22 days delivered to Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Napier, Lyttleton.
  7.  We can provide lease or “lease to own” Finance before you order.


 Non-Jacket or Jacket boiler – any size required
  •  Reflux stack/s from 6″ to 12″ 304 or Copper T’s or Glass
 with as many copper bubble plates as required
  • 8″ Gin Basket with Glass and Copper basket
  • 8″ Condenser
  • 304 Table mounted stacks, instead of floor mounted
 this will allow for 304 ethanol containers underneath
  • Thermo-wells as well as analog thermostats
  •  2.5″ heating elements single-phase up to  6kw, three-phase 9kw, 
 with electronic controllers to suit
 Water lines for Dephlegmator/s and Condenser
  •  A gas burner for fast heat-up is ideal If you have limited 
power supply or very large boilers
  • Contact us to quote your requirement

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