Essential Oil

Essential Oil Distillers are used to extracting plant oils from plant material.

* Hydrodistillation is placing the plant material directly in the water in the boiler – when the plant material sits above the boiler that’s steam extraction

* Our Oil Distillers- from 64″ to 350L have a large opening and botanical basket that’s easy to remove, the 300L and 350L can be used with a pully hoist to remove the basket. The 64L is ideal for occasional home use or to evaluate new botanicals. The Oil Distillers can steam-distill or hydro-distill, as they use a basket for the botanicals, the water level can be from 100% to below the basket for steam.

* Our Pot Stills are also capable of essential oil distillation, (including the bubble plate stills in Pot mode) you just need to place your botanical in the boiler for hydrodistillation (or partly fill the boiler with water for hydro/steam)

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Showing all 2 results