PRO Activated carbon in-line carbon filters

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Professional In-line activated carbon filters, for the home distiller and commercial boutique distilleries



  1. Always flush the activated carbon with water before use. Google “Gert Strand Carbon” for information on how to increase the purification effect of carbon by 150%, and other tips,
  2. Simply hook up a silicon or vinal tubing  and connect it to your spirit reservoir vessels, (this can be the Kegland 35/65 Digiboil/Brewzilla or suitable plastic fermenters, etc.) The Tongariro natural spring 15L pet bottles with natural spring water are good for diluting your spirit, then can be used for cheap containers.
  3. These filters can be “>130ºC steam re-activated” this is not such an issue with the 2-inch or 3-inch filters where not much carbon is used but can be economical on  4-inch or larger in-series filters for commercial boutique distilleries, where a lot of activated carbon is used.







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