BrewBuilt Upgrades

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Best ordered with you BrewBuilt Fermenter.


Optional Upgrades

The base model X1 Uni allows you to purchase the conical at the most affordable price and upgrade as you go. All of the accessories included with the X1 Uni+ can be purchased separately, so you can start fermenting now and come back later to add features and improve your process.

  • Converted FermZilla Conical Collection Container -> 2 Inch Tri-Clover Compatible Lid (Flex Chamber) – Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester
    The pressurizable Flex Chamberattaches directly to the butterfly dump valve and can be used for removing trub, harvesting yeast, and many other tasks. Ball-lock adapters can be attached to the threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones, or flush the Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops or other ingredients into your conical.
  • Pressure Pack with Clear Float Technology
    The X1 Pressure Pack features a unique floating racking tube that can be used for taking samples, keg transfers, or serving finished beer. This innovative feature draws beer from the top down, which means you’re always pulling the clearest, most sediment-free beer possible. Using pressure to draw a sample from the floating dip tube will also eliminate the tiny bit of oxygen that would be injected into your beer every time the traditional sample valve is opened.
  • Glycol Compatible
    Installing the BrewBuilt Ludacris Coil (Coming Soon) for an easy-to-use, innovative solution for maintaining fermentation temps using either the huge cooling capacity IceMaster G40.1 Glycol Chiller 1/2″ outlet or IceMaster G20 with inbuilt pumps and cooling temperature control.
  • Pressure Fermentation Kit
    Ferment under pressure with the two-piece Pressure Fermentation Kit that includes a BlowTie Spunding Valve kit with integrated gauge and a professional 1 BAR tri-clamp Pressure Release Valve (PRV). The Red Blow Tie Spunding Valve features a 0-15 psi pressure gauge and a hand-adjustable blowoff to dial in your desired pressure setting. The pro PRV provides added safety when fermenting extra-large or high gravity batches where krausen may reach the lid of the fermenter. Fermenting under pressure will reduce esters and fusel alcohol production, and enable you to ferment lagers at ale fermentation temperatures. Not to mention your beer is already carbonated when it’s finished fermenting!
  • High Roller Caster Set
    Go mobile with the X1 Heavy-Duty Castor Wheel Set. Your fermenter moves around the brewery a lot, so why not give it some glide? Roll from sanitizing to kettle transfer to keg transfer to cleaning with minimal effort. Moving a stainless conical around can be taxing. Give your back a break and upgrade your conical with a set of rolling casters.



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