35L Basic Electric BIAB Kit

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35L Basic Electric BIAB Kit – 2400w Dual Element Control

So you want to brew all-grain beer but don’t want to break the budget. We get it, we hear you. Feast your eyes on this simplistic BIAB system that is so simple to use you’ll be cracking craft beers in no time.

This piece of kit will open up your eyes to the magical world of brewing and fully electric, It couldn’t be more simple than that. Perhaps start with some of Grainfather’s All Grain Kits, then move on to some Gladfield Grain Recipes. And if you move on to a Pro System your 35L DigiBoil is the ideal sparge heater.

The 35L size is the total rated size brimful, so typically if you are using this as a beer boiler you would probably only fill it up to 25-30L so you had 5-10 litres of headspace to boil comfortably.

The digital display can be set from 0C and up to 140C with 1C increments and 1C resolution on the display.


  • 1 x 35L DigiBoil (Standard 10amp Socket)
  • 1 x Large Grain Pot Liner for BIAB

Optional Items

  •  Heavy Duty Brewing Gloves (The bag can get a bit hot!)
  • DigiBoil 35L Jacket (to save power)
  • Ratchet Pulley rope 113 kg rating (pull out the grain bag to drain and hand sparge if you want to)
  • Distilling Lid and a Pot Sill or Reflux Still (Still Spirits Alembic/t500 condenser or Kegland’s AlcoEngine)






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