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“Blackstrap” is an unofficial rum category whose identity has evolved over time. “Historically, blackstrap was a rum that used a grade of molasses where there was little sugar left,”  Nowadays, bottles like Cruzan Black Strap, Bacardi Black, Kraken Black, and Goslings Black Seal offer the best examples of the inky contemporary style, also referred to as “black rum,” which is rich in flavor and has a full-bodied mouthfeel.


Rum is a great portfolio spirit for both new and established craft distillers:  Blackstraphas a compelling history, it’s perennially popular with consumers, versatile in cocktails, and can be packaged as a white spirit as well as aged in wood. Plus, its production is fairly straightforward given the right raw materials.

In setting up your Blackstrap Molasses distillation, we recommend an optional pretreatment of molasses, Dilute your batch of molasses to 45 Brix, and adjust your pH and preheat to 70ºC-85ºC Let this settle for 30 minutes. After the rest period, decant off the settled ash. This step clarifies the molasses and helps in all the subsequent steps of your recipe.

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