Yellow Label Angel Yeast

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Yellow Label Angel Yeast 500gm

There are many materials that can be used for brewing, such as rice, corn, wheat, potato, and other starch material. Some flavors and tastes come from the material.

Some raw material for traditional Asian fermentation material such as rice does not have enzymes like malted barley, it is therefore cooked or steamed and inoculated with Koji to convert the starch to sugar then yeast is used.

However, Yellow Label Angel Yeast is a combination of molds (Rhizopus/Aspergillus for starch saccharification) and yeast, a single-cell organism that does all the magic in alcohol production. This can be used for most starch materials. No matter it is rice, corn, wheat, unmalted barley, potato, or even maguey, if there is starch, the Yellow Label Angel Yeast can work well during fermentation. Yellow Label Angel Yeast can also be used for cooked or uncooked raw materials

E.G. Application of raw/uncooked materials (calculated as 100kg of milled grain)
Mix the material with 250-300 liters of hot water, directly add 0.5-0.8kg of Angel leaven after the temperature is naturally cooled to about 32℃, and ferment for 8-15 days.

The raw material such as rice can adopt granular grain instead of broken rice (milled) to directly ferment, however, the fermentation cycle with unmilled rice shall be appropriately prolonged.



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