100L, 150L, 200L Jacket Stills

$1,670.00$4,870.00 inc. GST

These stills are for serious home use or for product development in commercial use.

Note: Prices include GST, but not sea and local freight to your location, this will be quoted before you order.






Contact us for your custom distillation equipment  info@netropolitan.co.nz

  • Tri-clamp single phase heating elements  2.4kw to 6kw (12kw 3 phase)
  • 3 x 5.5kw controller variable AMPs output
  • IPB-26 PID 30A 6.9kw and 415V 12A (mash & distill)
  • Boilers: electric single jacket, double jacket oil/Glycol/steam (dimple jacket, steam) any size.
  • Gas burner, to boost temperature rise for very large boilers or minimum power supply
  • Reflux Columns:  up to 24″ (or larger) 304 or Copper
  • Fermentation tanks up to 3,000L
  • CIP (clean in place systems)




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