100L, 150L, 200L Jacket Stills

$0.00$5,350.00 inc. GST

These stills are for serious home use or for product development in commercial use.

Note: Prices include GST, but not sea and local freight to your location, this will be billed at cost, we can provide an estimate before you order. Prices are volotile with covid, plese check before order.







Contact us for your custom distillation equipment  info@netropolitan.co.nz

  • Tri-clamp single phase heating elements  2.4kw to 6kw (12kw 3 phase)
  • 3 x 5.5kw controller variable AMPs output
  • IPB-26 PID 30A 6.9kw and 415V 12A (mash & distill)
  • Boilers: electric single jacket, double jacket oil/Glycol/steam (dimple jacket, steam) any size.
  • Gas burner, to boost temperature rise for very large boilers or minimum power supply
  • Reflux Columns:  up to 24″ (or larger) 304 or Copper
  • Fermentation tanks up to 3,000L
  • CIP (clean in place systems)




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