Glass Jars for Everything

 WECK Quality since 1900

When you talk about preserving, you immediately think of WECK. Without the unique glasses from our company, it would be almost impossible to stock up for the whole year. The company is characterized by tradition but does not shy away from the new. There is (almost) nothing that cannot be preserved…

“For more than 100 years, our name has stood for the highest quality and constant progress. Be inspired by our diversity!”

Le PARFAIT jars have been made in France since 1930.

With a steady production of high-quality wares and a product line that has continuously evolved to meet consumers’ changing needs and desires

So much fruit and veg that you hardly know what to do with it – then it’s best to stock up! Whether berries, carrots, jams or juices – the WECK range offers the perfect glass for every delicacy. For your provisions, you will find small and large, playful and simple glasses in either Weck or Le Parfait, that are sure to please the eye!

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Showing all 3 results