Le Parfait Preserving Jars

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Keeping up with the times

Le PARFAIT Despite its venerable age has never been so modern!  Le Parfait jars are so popular today because they respond so well to the latest trends:

With Le Parfait jars, you can get creative! These simple, attractive glass jars are such a part of the French culture that they’re often used as vases or candy jars, or even transformed into lamps or terrariums. They let you express your creativity!


Le Parfait Super Jars are perfect for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables. Cooks recognize its wire hinge and iconic orange rubber seal. Top tip: only use the rubber seal once and change it after each use.

The Familia Wiss Terrines are uniquely French mason jars. The two-piece closure includes a sealing cap and a full screw lid. The full lid has a dome-shaped centre which aligns with a dome shape in the centre of the sealing cap – together this helps to place the sealing cap on the jar evenly and holds it in place during heat treatment. The full lid should be removed once the jar and contents are cool after preserving. The full lid can be used later once the jar has been opened.

Made in France, the Le Parfait Super Jars and Terrines à Vis Le Parfait are ideal for preserving vegetables, fruits, and also meat.






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