Heating, Temperature & Humidity Controllers

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A PID controller continuously calculates an error as the difference between the desired setpoint (SP) and a measured process variable (PV) and applies a correction based on proportional, integral, and derivative terms (denoted P, I, and D respectively), hence the name.

In practical terms, it automatically applies an accurate and responsive correction to a control function.


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The Inkbird ITC-308 SAA is a multi-function instrument. It can function for temperature and humidity control

Inkbird IPB-16S / IPB-26 PID digital controllers are designed for up to 3,000 / 6,900-watt elements it provides accurate temperature control at the range of -50~125℃/ -58~257℉, and the accuracy of the temperature is ±0.1℃ or ±0.2℉.

Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI Heating and Cooling temperature controller Outlet Thermostat Temperature Controller, Dual Screen Readouts, w/Sensor, Home Brewing & Fermentation, Breeding& Incubation, Greenhouse, Kombucha

Thermowells & Heating 220W Element,  30W belt, 25W pad




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