Hard Seltzer

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Hard seltzer is a booming category in the world of lifestyle beverages and many craft brewers are lending their artisanal skills to this refreshing beverage. Simple to make and with a wide range of creative flavor additions, hard seltzer is a sparkling alternative for beer lovers looking to give their palate a different experience.

For Chris Colby  book from https://www.bookdepository.com

For the home distiller, it could not be easier,  just diluter your clean spirit from 4.3% to 6% ABV, use any of the StillSpirt flavours or step a high ABV with fresh or dehydrated fruit/spices/botanicals, then dilute to your choice of ABV, and carbonate  with  a SodaStream, CO2 bottle or the PCO 1881Carbonation Kit (coming soon)

A link for our  SodaStream Parts, 

Below is a video by Martin Keen who has a great YouTube channel called “The Homebrew Challenge”. He shows how you can use a PCO 1881 Carbonation Cap Tee Piece with two Carbonation Caps to transfer and serve from a Soda Bottle.







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