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35L & 65L DigiBoilers the 35/65 Liter size is the total rated size brimful, so typically if you are using this as a beer boiler you would probably only fill it up to 25-30L so you had 5-10 /50-60L litres of headspace to boil comfortably.

The boilers have a quality made stainless tap with stainless barb and 1/2inch thread so you can attach the wide range of other half-inch fittings such as camlocks and many other fittings that we can supply.

Still Spirits Turbo 500, 25L Boiler

Large Grain Bag/Pot Liners – BIAB – Brew in a Bag

Distillation columns for boiler lids with a 48 Ø mm (DigiBoil, T500 and similar)




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