RAPT Ecosystem

RAPT Really. Awesome. Product. Technology.

Total control of all RAPT-enabled products. Seamless. Simple. Real-time Logging. Anywhere. Anytime.

* Remote logging of all aspects of fermentation

* Log temperature and gravity from inside your fermentation

* Get alerts and notifications through the RAPT Portal

* Control your devices remotely wherever you are

The RAPT Portal is a free service that allows you to access any and all data logged by your RAPT-enabled device. Using the RAPT Portal, you can control your devices remotely, giving you complete control irrespective of where you are. The RAPT Portal enables you to set up complex temperature profiles giving you absolute control over every aspect of fermentation. These can be altered at will, or set to trigger according to real-time data as it is generated

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Showing all 4 results