Enolmatic Vacuum Filler

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We stock the Enolmatic for spirits, wine (and similar bottles), and kits for miniature bottles, wide-mouth bottles, beer bottles, etc.

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Enolmatic is the fast, robust, and versatile vacuum bottle filler: professional filling of your products at home

Enolmatic is our best-selling single semi-automatic vacuum filling machine. This is the filling machine you are looking for if you desire to increase the production volume of your homemade products, and professionalize the bottling of wine, oil, beer, fruit juices, or other products.

Enolmatic is made of high-quality plastic materials. The vessel in polycarbonate material is suitable for the filling of both alcoholic products as well as using hot-fill processes.

Enolmatic uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank into the bottle. The spout mounted on the machine determines the amount of liquid on the inside of the bottle, allowing the machine to stop filling automatically once it determines the bottle to be full.

  • Easy to use, fast, clean, easy to disassemble, customizable, and easy to clean.
  • Semi-automatic machine
  • Fills up to 250 bottles per hour

Easy to clean

Enolmatic is designed to be easy to clean after each use

It works with any kind of liquid product

Enolmatic can be used with our vast range of kits to bottle any type of liquid product. Bottles, jars, carboys or dams can be filled with wine, oil, beer, liqueur, fruit juice, etc.

Quality materials

Enolmatic is built with high-quality plastic materials. The polycarbonate vase is suitable both for filling alcoholic and high-temperature products in conjunction with the optional stainless steel spout. The food-grade silicone gaskets can be used for alimentary products. Viton seals are available for the bottling of chemicals. The standard plastic spout can be replaced with a stainless steel spout, recommended for alcohol or high-temperature products.

Do you have specific needs?

Each product needs specific accessories to be properly bottled. That’s why Enolmatic can be configured in many ways: explain to us what are your needs and we will prepare the machine perfect for you.


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