Steam Juicing

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Why a steam juicer?

The benefit for you is healthy eating! juice extraction by means of gentle steam juicing involves only heating the juice, not boiling it. This ensures that valuable fruit and vegetable ingredients such as fructose, fruit acids, nutrients, and vitamins are preserved as well as the unique aroma. The fruit pieces which remain after juicing can also be used to make gelée, marmalade, compote and purée.

  • Juicer with glass lid made of stainless steel, also suitable for induction cookers.
  • Stainless steel 18 / 8-18 / 10
  • Aluminium sandwich bottom fully encapsulated!
  • Fruit basket about 6.7 liters
  • Water container approx. 3.9 liters capacity
  • Induction suitable
  • Dishwasher safe

Manual included

  • Use and care instructions, Preparation of fruits
  • Juicing – Step by Step
  • Juicing of fruits / Juicing of vegetables
  • Juicing of herbs / Making gelée using the fruit juices


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