Conical Fermenters with Dimple Jacket

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If you are starting a microbrewery, distillery, or brewpub/distillery it’s hard to go past these top-value conical fermenters that are designed to hold pressure so they can be used as bright beer tanks or uni-tanks. They are professionally welded, pressure tested.

Temperature control with glycol, easy to clean with the included CIP Spray Ball

They are available on Special Order Only from 200L to >4,000L. Lead time 20 to 35 days, then shipped to your closest seaport.

We also make non-pressure fermenters of any size. Contact us for your requirement.

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* Triple Skin
1. Inside Skin (Mirror Polished)
2. Dimple Jacket (INCLUDING CONE)
3. 50mm PU Insulated Jacket (Brushed Finish)

* Pressure Vessel
This is a unit tank design so the fermenter can be pressurised enabling you to use this not only as a fermenter but also as a bright tank. Carbonate and dispense from the one vessel.

* Glycol ready
Controlling the temperature of your fermentation is one of the most important aspects of quality, repeatable fermentation, and can ultimately make or break the final product.

* Shadowless Manway
For easy cleaning and also for best results with CIP cleaning the shadowless manways are simply more sanitary and are the only way to go.

* Beautifully Made/Pro Welded
If you want a tank that not only performs great but is good looking enough to be the centerpiece of your bar, distillery, brewpub/distillery

* CIP Spray Ball
Geometrically designed to be effective with CIP.

* 4 Inch Tri-Clover Cap
This useful cap has a 4-inch tri-clover opening at the top which can be useful for dry hopping, late additions, pitching of yeast, and many other purposes.



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