3″ 304 Distillation Column

$38.00$399.00 inc. GST

Our 3″ spool columns do not compromise on quality.

  •  More than twice of output than a 2-inch system
  • Use with column packing for high ABV reflux distillation
  • Remove the dephlegmator and some of the column packing for pot distillation

Coming soon, build your own 3-inch column from individual components, including T’s,  Inline viewing Glass, Spools, Copper Bubble Plates,  Delflegamator, Tri-Clamp adaptors, etc.

For a Pot column, you only need a 30cm Spool,  The condenser section, and possibly a 3-inch adapter to your boiler. Can be used for low-brandies (whiskey’s etc.) and hydrodistillation essential oil distillation






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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 200 cm

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