50L & 100L 4″ Flute Distillation Column

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Each still is handcrafted to the highest standards, ensuring you the finest unit for all of your alcohol distilling needs.  We can also customise commercial stills to meet your specific needs.

Our Flute Column uses individual sections to allow for the greatest degree of versatility – run as few or as many sections as you need depending on what you are producing. The large sight glasses give you a large viewing area to see the action taking place!

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Flute stills are great because they are very versatile and can be used for about any kind of alcohol from whiskey to vodka you will not be disappointed with a flute still.

The Stainless Steel Flute Still comes with a 104mm (4″) column and viewing windows that allow you to view the condensing as it happens. This column includes 4 copper bubble plate sections. If you want to add more sections to this still, the modular still allows you to run as many sections (T’s, Glass, Copper Onion, or Spools (straight tubes) as you like. The modular design will allow you to add in a sight glass with a screen gasket for a gin basket or infusion chamber.

This still will run a high percentage neutral spirit for vodka and will also run all the flavor spirits as well like whiskey and brandy. (just don’t use or limid the dephlegmator for minimum reflux)

All stainless steel 304 construction, which includes

* 50-litre or 100-litre tank.
– Thermometer
– Ball valve

* 4-inch stainless distillation column
– four sets of SS304 T-sections with copper bubble caps and viewing glass
– 4-inch dephlegmator
– 4-inch to 2-inch tri-clamp reducer with Thermometer
– 2-inch elbow 180º
– 2-inch condenser
– 2-inch to 1-inch tri-clamp reducer
– 1-inch drain size
– stainless steel parrot
– 1-inch ball valve
– water pipes, fittings, and flow control valves

Additional items e.g.  T’s, gin basket, etc. are normally ordered with the still but could be in stock, just ask.

Contact us for your custom distillation equipment

  • Tri-clamp single phase heating elements  2.4kw to 6kw (9kw 3 phase)
  • 2 x 5.5kw controller variable AMPs output
  • IPB-26 PID 30A 6.9kw (mash & distill)
  • Boilers: electric single jacket, double jacket oil (dimple jacket, steam)
  • Gas burner, to boost temperature rise for very large boilers or minimum power supply
  • Reflux Columns:  up to 20″ (505mm diameter) 304 or Copper
  • Gin-baskets up to 20″
  • Fermentation tanks up to 3,000L
  • CIP (clean in place system)


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