Embossed Bags & Rolls

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High quality embossed vacuum bags that are ideal for use with the Takaje Vacuum Packer machine or other external vacuum machines (where the bags are vacuumed externally rather than inside a domed chamber). These pouches have an embossed back and a clear front. The embossing allows the vacuum machine to suck the air from the bag. Being of such high quality they also really enhance the product as well as preserving a huge range of food products, increasing their shelf life by up to 3 times the normal “Best Before” date.

Embossed vacuum rolls enable you to cut to the length you desire…seal one end (using the seal only function on the Vacuum Machine) ….then use in the normal way. As with the regular embossed bags, these are ideal for use with our Takaje Vacuum Machines or other makes of small/domestic type vacuum machines.

Visit  –  http://netropolitan.co.nz/shop/embossed-bags for the full range of Embossed Bags


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